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Ultra-compact, low cost IP67 telematic unit for motorcycles, eBikes and other small mobility vehicles.

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With CAT-M1 connectivity (with fallback to NB-IOT and 2G) , CAN-FD, USB 2.0, Bluetooth, Internal Lithium back-up battery, GNSS and up to 256MB of Flash memory, it can perform the vast majority of the functions of a classic automotive TCU, at a fraction of the size and cost.

With its overmoulded antennas and connectors and extensive validation, this compact telematic unit is robust enough for the most demanding enviroments.

Available in Mass-Production from Q2 2022


Compact, reliable solution to provide mid-range connectivity and eCall / ERA Glonass compliance to automotive, motorcycle and other vehicle types.

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LTE CAT-4 connectivity will provide enough bandwidth for most applications, providing connectivity to the rest of the vehicle with a comprehensive set of telematic services and compliance with worldwide emergency call regulations.

Flexible platform capable of including Wifi, Bluetooth, CAN-FD, USB 2.0, Back-up battery, and regulation eCall.

Possibility of an IP67, ruggedized version.


High-speed connectivity for automotive applications made easy!

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This cost-effective and modular solution will provide from 4G CAT 12 to 5G Rel.15 to your vehicle, including Wifi 6, Bluetooth, Ethernet 100Base-T1, High-precision GNSS (Dual Band) and USB 2.0/3.0 options for easy integration with your vehicle architecture.

Including as standard CAN-FD, multiple Inputs/outputs and expandable internal storage via eMMC

Versions with internal and external antennas, available also in an IP67-rated version

Mass-production from Q1 2022


Our top of the line telematics product! Including up to 5G, C-V2X and powerful and scalable processing and storage, this is the best solution for future-proofing your vehicle telematics

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Dual-Core processing with modular flash and RAM options for integrating C-V2X application processing, 4G CAT12 to 5G Rel.15, Ethernet 2.5GBase-T1, and USB 2.0/3.0 options.

An expandable solution, it can also support DSDA (Dual-SIM Dual Access), High-precision GNSS (Dual Band) Wifi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1


Nextium C-V2X and DSRC technologies are ready to be integrated in your vehicle, either incorporated in our TCUs or as a stand-alone product

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Nextium has developed 4 generations of V2X units and gathered extensive field experience, so we have a proven, mature platform (Omniair certified).

1-stop shop for a complete solution, integrating antennas, compensators, internal processing, HW and SW development, validation and integration support in the final application


Nextium Antennas/RF engineering team has wide expertise in the design and manufacturing of all types of antennas, from single antennas to smart antenna farms integrating all the required services in a single location, and from low frequency up to 80GHz.

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We offer custom antenna solutions for all services, from broadcasting (AM/FM/DAB), Telephony, GNSS, V2X, UWB, Bluetooth and Wifi antennas, to mmW antennas for 5G communications and radar devices for sensing applications.



Vehicle Data logging and analytics

Over the Air Updates (Single ECU / Full vehicle)

Predictive Maintenance


Remote Diagnostics


Positioning & Tracking


Stolen Vehicle Tracking and Blocking


Remote Engine Start / Stop

Remote Horn & Lights

Electric Vehicle Management (Battery Management, Charge, Status)

Remote Access / Car Sharing


Wifi Hotspot / Bluetooth

USB / Ethernet media streaming


Emergency Call / Private Call

V2X (Vehicle to Everything)

Crash Notification