In-Cabin Sensing & Biometrics

Nextium Biometrics and In-Cabin Sensors for a safe, sustainable and healthy world.



Nextium A-Life is a low cost 24GHz radar based technology for live detection.

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The main application is the detection of forgotten children inside parked vehicles, which generates more than 50 deaths per year. Advanced algorithms based on breathing and movements patterns analysis are used to improve system performance, allowing the detection of the children in all locations, even in non line of sight conditions (i.e. child in the child sin with “sun protector” or child covered by a blanked).


Nextium B-Metrix is a 60GHz radar solution for vehicle cabin monitoring.

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The Nextium sensor can detect the occupancy status of each seat and identify the type of occupant (child or adult) of each position. Advanced algorithms are used for the passengers’ detection and classification, distinguishing objects from real people, and avoiding the need of weight sensors in all the seats. Optionally, vital signal monitoring features can be implemented.


Nextium Smart-X is a 60 GHz radar device for people counting.

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Radar technology and advanced processing algorithms are used to precesily count the number of occupants inside the vehicle, distinguishing from objects that could generate false detections in camera based solutions. Smart-X devices include battery for a “stand alone” operation and bluetooth connection to transfer data to the cloud using a close modem or mobile phone. Radar based devices do not affect passenger privacity.
60GHz + BT + BUB


Nextium VisioX is the camera based platform in order to target In door and In cabin sensing use cases for Automotive, Mobility, Industrial and Med Tech Market.

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This Camera can be found in either Narrow field or fish eye concepts. It has IR LEDs integrated. Ligh source is not visible to the users and can work in all lighting conditions.


Nextium Vitax is the second generation of a 24 GHz radar for non-intrusive contact less vital signs extraction. 

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High accuracy breathing and heart rate signals can be extracted including heart rate variability. Nextium has its own proprietary algorithm for added value information generation for advanced applications like drowsiness prediction. Short range and long range variant available depending on the final applicaiton.



Child Presence detection

Intrusion detection

Driver drowsiness prediction

Driver monitoring system

Occupant Monitoring

Seat Belt Reminder

Occupant Classification

Occupant Vital Signs


Passenger Monitoring

Route Optimization

Passenger Alert System

Driver Monitoring

Passenger Counting

Passenger Location

Passenger Classification

Dynamic Tolling


Contactless Vital Signs

Heart Rate Monitoring

Breathing Rate

Heart Rate Variability

Contactless SpO2

Contactless Vital Signs

Heart Rate Monitoring

Breathing Rate