Banshee Project

We are extremely excited to be involved in the Banshee project, which aims to create an accurate and seamless indoor-outdoor navigation for smartphones and vehicles in smart cities. It can be used in logistics, airports, trade fairs, fleet management, retail sector or even in-car sharing applications.

At Nextium by Idneo we are developing a custom design for our proprietary high precision GNSS hardware infrastructure, fully created by us. The goal is to integrate WiFi into the hardware to enable hybrid GNSS+WiFi positioning for Banshee.

Thanks to EUSPA for funding the project, and to all other partners for making it possible: UPC School, Rokubun, MOCA Platform, and
This infographic from our colleagues in the Banshee project perfectly describes what a smart, connected city represents and the many valuable benefits it can bring to society, from services to users.